What is Real Estate Law?

Real Estate Law is the component of property law that governs real property. Real property refers to ownership of land and the things attached to it. Ressler Law Firm has the legal expertise to address all of the many varied and complicated areas of real estate law. This includes straightforward transactions such as buyer and seller negotiations and agreements, residential and commercial transfers and conveyances, easements and licenses, including liquor and general licensing, leasing for both landlord and tenant representation, and title insurance analysis. Ressler Law Firm Real Estate Law Atttorneys also address more complicated issues of financing, foreclosure and loan workouts, property tax assessment protests and appeals, land use and development approvals and water rights analysis, joint ventures; transactions involving foreign nationals, and entity selection and formation.

What Real Estate Lawyers Do?

Ressler Law Firm Real Estate Attorneys are expertly prepared to address all of the issues of law that may arise in the acquisition, use and selling of real property. Representation for all parties, whether an individual or an organization, on any side of a given transaction or issue, is provided for clients along each step of the real property legal process. Along with guidance on matters of the law, development and management of all legal documents is maintained. This includes purchase agreements, title search analysis documents, transfer notes, mortgage process and finalization documents, and court authorized recordings. Ressler Law Firm is expert in helping home sellers and buyers finalize transactions, and make the closing process streamlined for all parties.

Real estate attorneys are lawyers trained to address the legal issues surrounding property interactions. They may represent organizations or individuals. Among the documents real estate attorneys typically handle are purchase agreements, mortgage documents, title documents and transfer documents. In some cases, they help individual homebuyers close on houses.

When Do I Need a Real Estate Attorney?

A real estate transaction is often an expensive, time consuming endeavor. Ressler Law Firm Real Estate Attorneys are expert in both expediting the process, and protecting the value of the real equity inherent to property ownership. Individuals and organizations are dollar-wise to seek the assistance of a Real Estate Attorney to provide guidance on the expected components of their transaction, and to negotiate the unexpected issues that arise. Real estate brokers and agents are not attorneys. As such, they cannot offer legal counsel. Any unanswered question in the transaction process is an indicator that an attorney’s expertise is necessary. Any issue with residential purchases, foreclosures, inspections and tenant disputes require legal expertise. Construction, development, zoning and land plot issues that may arise with commercial property can be handled. Ressler Law Firm provides the professional know how to finalize transactions efficiently and economically, a real estate market advantage for smart buyers and sellers.

Do I Need an Attorney When I Buy or Sell a Home in Colorado?

Although many states require the use of a Real Estate Attorney, the State of Colorado does not require the use of a Real Estate Attorney in the purchase or sale of real estate property within the state. Ressler Law Firm Real Estate Attorneys, recommend contacting a Real Estate Law Attorney to assist with the all of the steps along the journey of real property ownership and divestiture. Contact Ressler Law Firm to learn more.