Ressler Law serves individuals, families, small businesses and corporations.


Ms. Ressler has the skills, experience and talent to professionally analyze, negotiate, manage, review, draft and document all aspects of a real estate transaction. Real Estate matters handled by her firm include residential and commercial transfers/conveyances; development and redevelopment; leasing (both landlord and tenant representation); easements and licenses; title insurance analysis; financing; foreclosures and loan workouts; entity selection and formation; joint ventures; transactions involving foreign nationals; liquor and general licensing; property tax assessment protests and appeals; land use and development approvals; and water rights analysis.


Whether defending favorable trial results or seeking to have lower-court errors corrected on appeal, Ms. Ressler’s confident and effective oral and written argument skills help her clients obtain successful dispositions on appeal. Ms. Ressler has extensive experience arguing appeals in a wide array of types of cases, including lender-liability and banking; breach of contract; business torts and fraud; product liability; landlord-tenant; construction; real estate; adverse possession and prescriptive easements; family; bankruptcy; insurance; and HOA disputes.


Ms. Ressler has extensive experience representing clients in family law matters. She handles both simple and complex disputes involving divorce/dissolution, parenting time, child custody, child support, spousal support/alimony, and division of assets and debts.


Ms. Ressler has expertise advising, counseling and representing clients in connection with virtually every aspect of business, including running a business, selling a business, purchasing a business and dealing with the various legal issues confronted by those who own and manage businesses.  Ms. Ressler can help you negotiate a business transaction and prepare all contracts and other documents that may be necessary to complete any business transaction.


The firm represents banks primarily with respect to their lending activities. The lending side of the Ms. Ressler’s work has included assisting bank clients in obtaining perfected security interests in various kinds of collateral, including, pledges of gifts, homeowners assessments, stocks, bonds, water rights, intellectual property, vehicles, farm equipment, partnership and limited liability company, interests, rents and leases from commercial projects and hotels, inventory, fixtures, accounts receivable, ground leases and real estate.


Ms. Ressler has the experience, technology, and depth to handle complex litigation matters including all types of commercial disputes.  She handles a wide variety of cases ranging from simple payment disputes between individuals or small businesses to multi-million dollar class actions, construction disputes, banking disputes, and product liability matters.


As an estate planner, Ms. Ressler has the knowledge to help client’s accomplish their goals for income tax planning, estate planning and probate. Structuring and implementing a plan needs thoughtful consideration of the income, gift and estate tax consequences as well as how asset protection, trust administration and probate can assist and affect a plan.


The probate process includes gathering the deceased’s assets, inventorying them, paying the expenses of the deceased’s last illness and burial, paying creditor claims, distributing the remaining estate assets to the beneficiaries, preparing an accounting, and closing the probate case. Ms. Ressler represents personal representatives of a family member’s probate estate and beneficiaries who are concerned that the personal representative may not be properly administering their loved one’s probate estate.