What is Appellate Litigation?

Ressler Law Firm Appellate Litigation Attorneys are expert at clients one either side of appellate litigation. All issues at law are initially decided in what is referred to as a lower-court. This is usually accomplished by trial, when a jury hears discovery of the case, and is charged with the responsibility of deciding a final judgement in favor of the prosecution or the defendant.

Appellate litigation is the road map for challenging or defending the final judgement of the lower-court. This is the process of appeal, which takes place in a higher-court, referred to as an appellate court. The Supreme Court is the ultimate appellate court. Ressler Law Firm Appellate Litigation Attorneys offer comprehensive legal expertise throughout the process of successful appellate litigation, for clients in search of either the protection of a judgement, or a revised final judgement from a lower-court.

What Do Appellate Lawyers Do?

Ressler Law Firm appellate attorneys specialize in the appellate litigation process of appealing or defending a final judgement from a lower-court. Starting at the beginning of the prior court proceedings, Ressler Law Firm Appellate Attorneys work closely with clients to prepare for the Appeals Court appearance. Identifying an overall strategy for the appeal is the key initial task, which Ressler Law Firm Appellate Attorneys and the client refine to a highly targeted approach for maximum success.

Exhaustive review and analysis of the trial record is completed, including pertinent opinion critique. Through this process, the identity and narrowing of the key appeal strategy is refined. Final preparation includes comprehensive supporting research and a powerful drafting of briefs for case arguments. After this global process of preparation, Ressler Law Firm Appellate Attorneys will argue the case before the appellate court. The appellate litigations rate of success, both protecting or revising the error of the final judgement, for Ressler Law Firm is above the industry average.

What is the Difference Between an Appellate Attorney and a Trial Attorney?

The trial attorney has the charge of building the record in favor of either the prosecution or the defendant, in a lower-court trial. The process of creating the record includes all of the discovery that brings to bear on the legal issue at question. Investigative findings, written and witness records, legal precedent, management of the flow of communication between defense and prosecution, including document and delay requests, and all necessary findings, help the Trial Attorney finalize a strong argument to present to the jury.

In contrast, the appellate attorney has the task of creating a successful appeal, either to protect or overturn the error of final judgement, and to argue the case within the higher appellate court. This appellate attorney may be charged to defend the favorable results of the lower-court, or to correct the error of final judgement. Typically, the appellate attorney does not develop further discovery, unless there appears to be an oversight of critical factors, but, rather delves deeply into a comprehensive study of the trial record, to prepare the appeal. For a successful outcome, Ressler Law Firm appellate attorneys offer expert client relations, detailed analytical and research skill, powerful written and oral advocacy, and superlative teamwork, to secure the desired outcome throughout the appeal process.

When Do I Need an Appellate Attorney?

Immediately following a lower-court final judgment, clients may find the need for a highly qualified appellate attorney. Ressler Law Firm is ready to assist clients in this legal situation, whether it be in the defense of the favorable trial results, or in seeking to have the lower-court errors corrected. Ressler Law Firm has a successful track record of Appellate Litigation in a wide array of cases. From individual to group cases, involving property, fraud, finance, family and many other legal issues, Ressler Law Firm has the experience and expertise for successful Appellate Litigation. Contact Ressler Law Firm today.