What is Business Transaction Law?

Business Transaction Law is the portion of commercial law that governs commercial and business transactions. Ressler Law Firm Business Transaction Law Attorneys assist commercial, business and technology clients to execute financial, marketing, sales, services, production and technology goals within the marketplace. Often Business Transaction Law work is founded within the parameters of accurately and comprehensively stated contracts. At other times, it is applied within the ordinary to extraordinary demands of conducting business, and all that is involved.

Many of the statutes within Business Transaction Law govern areas such as:

  • Governance of business conduct
  • Business structure advisement
  • Contract drafting and negotiations
  • LLP, LLC, and Corporate organization
  • Entity selection
  • Acquisitions and mergers
  • Drafting and negotiating of contracts
  • Varied agreements involving partners and stakeholders
  • Development of warranty services
  • Application and registration of trade names and trademarks

Other areas of governance range from daily operations, protection of intellectual properties, securities law compliance, international business law compliance, and tax management. Ressler Law Firm Business Transaction Law Attorneys can provide any area of business transaction law applicable to business life cycles.

What Do Business Transaction Attorneys Do?

Business Transaction Attorneys contribute to the lawful conduct or transaction of any business activity involving negotiation; management; selling, leasing, borrowing, mortgaging or lending, among others. Simply, a business transactional lawyer provides legal advice and regulatory assistance to entrepreneurs and companies as they:

  • Form companies, partnership, corporations and limited liability companies
  • Work with strategic partners and enter joint venture
  • Contract with independent contributors
  • Protect intellectual assets, copyright and trademarks
  • Hire and manage employees
  • Avoid lawsuits by resolving conflicts as they arise
  • License, sell and acquire assets
  • Sell, purchase and acquire businesses and mergers
  • Market equity to outside partners
  • Conduct other activities relevant to the business

When Do I Need a Business Transaction Attorney?

Ressler Law Firm Business Transaction Attorneys are expert at supporting business clients throughout the life cycle of the business. From start-up to succession, Business Transaction Attorneys ensure that legal compliance to all areas of business law are heeded. The most common needs arise around the issue of navigating regulatory information, requirements and documentation. Compliance is the goal, and the use of a Business Transaction Attorney will go far in preventing legal proceedings, and, most importantly, the secure protection of all business assets. It is never wise to be penny smart yet dollar foolish when it comes to the accessing the preventive expertise of a Business Transaction Attorney. Contact Ressler Law Firm to learn more.